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Finance Division Jobs A early and suitable applicant is being needed by Finance Division Jobs in Islamabad for a position of Project Director for the PSDP Project “Financial Inclusion and Infrastructure Project” (FIIP). The project is still according to progress and will be filled on a contract basis starting in April 2024 in Project Pay Scale-11, which is equivalent to BPS-21.

The appointment is initially set to expire on June 30, 2025, nevertheless it might be extended if need and if that performance standards being met. Inquiries are invited from candidates of any age.

This page covers the stages involved with this procedure and what proof is required. Organization Overview; Contact Details; Office Location; Eligibility Requirements.

Details of Finance Division Jobs

Details of Finance Division Jobs

Eligibility Criteria

Available Vacancies

The following are the listed vacancies at Finance Division Jobs

  • Project Director

About Finance Division Jobs

Finance Division Jobs

The goal is to ensure Pakistan’s economic and financial stability, promote sustainable growth, and improve the quality of life for its citizens. This includes achieving efficiency through budgeting, strengthening public finance management, coordinating with financial institutions, and optimizing foreign exchange utilization.

How to Apply for Finance Division Jobs?

To apply for Finance Division Jobs simply follow the procedures listed below. The application process is quite straightforward and quick.

Application Process

  • Pay Package: Comparison to BPS-21.
  • Admittance based on Finance Division guidelines.
  • Interviews for shortlisted candidates.
  • Application deadline: 15 days from advertisement publication.
  • Advertisement available on Finance Division’s website and National Job Portal.

Required Documents :

The Documents required to Apply for Finance Division Jobs

  • CNIC
  • Domicile
  • Educational Certificates
  • Experience Certificates
  • Fresh Passport sized Photographs
  • Application Form (If Required)

Contact Details

Benefits of Finance Division Jobs?

The Following are the benefits of are being listed by the officials to their selected employees Finance Division Jobs

  • Offers better job security.
  • Provides specialized training in the rapidly evolving finance field.
  • Associated with higher salaries.
  • Offers opportunities for career advancement.
  • Ensures high job satisfaction levels.
  • Offers a wide range of career options.
  • Exposes individuals to high levels of competence

Work Culture of Finance Division Jobs

The financial services sector has traditionally been characterized by a rigid, growth-focused culture. However, with the rise of online banking and a hybrid workforce, employees are seeking flexible work arrangements, career development opportunities, and a sense of purpose. Modern finance divisions are prioritizing employee-centric culture, with CFOs and finance leaders shaping the company culture. Competition from fintech startups is increasing, and businesses are adapting to meet future employee expectations.

Advertisement 2024

Finance Division Jobs
Finance Division Jobs Advertisement

How to apply for Finance Division Jobs?

The advertisement compares the pay package to BPS-21 and offers admission based on Finance Division guidelines. Shortlisted candidates will undergo interviews, with an application deadline of 15 days.

What is the deadline for Finance Division Jobs?

The Last Date to Apply for the Finance divisionJobs will be 05th May 2024.

What are the benefits of Finance Division Jobs?

The finance field offers job security, specialized training, higher salaries, career advancement opportunities, high job satisfaction, a wide range of career options, and high competence levels.

Who is Eligible for Finance Division Jobs?

Government jobs require master’s degrees and management/administration skills.

Work Culture of Finance Division Jobs?

The financial services sector is shifting from a growth-focused culture to a more employee-centric one, with fintech startups increasing competition and businesses adapting to meet evolving employee needs.

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