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You may see the most recent career opportunities for KPK Healthcare Commission Jobs 2024 here. For the following roles listed below, KPK Health Care Commission Peshawar is hiring highly qualified, seasoned, disciplined, and dedicated individuals with a KPK or FATA address.

Jobs like “radiologist” and “pathologist” in the Healthcare Commission KPK 2024 are government positions that must be filled by the deadline.

The position will be filled under a contract that may be extended in the future. To apply, candidates must compare their qualifications to those shown in the accompanying image for all positions. Candidates must hold an MBBS, FCPS, PhD, or M.Phil in the relevant field, as well as have at least two to three years of relevant practical experience. If all the conditions are met, we’ve included the full application process, which is supplied below this line.

The following part will go over all of the steps and the documentation that is required. Organizational summary, official contact details, office location, eligibility criteria, along with other relevant information.

Details of KPK Healthcare Commission Jobs

Details KPK Healthcare Commission Jobs in Pakistan

Eligibility Criteria

There are few Requirements you must need to Acknowledge before Applying for KPK Healthcare Commission Jobs.

  • HCE owner or manager must register with KP Health Care Commission.
  • License application with required documents and fees is submitted.
  • KPHCC issues a Provisional License and requires Minimum Service Delivery Services (MSDS).
  • HCEs are invited for training on MSDS implementation.
  • Pre-assessment/inspection conducted to identify and resolve MSDS implementation vulnerabilities.
  • Final step: formal examination of HCE eligibility for regular licensing.

Available Vacancies

The following are the listed vacancies at KPK HealthcareCommission Jobs official website or Career section

  • Patholgist
  • Radiology

About KPK Healthcare Commission in Pakistan


The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Care Commission (KP HCC) is an autonomous body established in 2015 by the provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It regulates public and private healthcare establishments, ensuring quality and protecting citizens from malpractices. The KP HCC sets standards for medical practices, including allopathic and alternative medicines. It regulates services, ensures safe, high-quality healthcare, and prohibits quackery.

How to Apply for KPK Healthcare Commission Jobs 2024?

To apply for listed jobs at KPK Healthcare Commission Jobs official jobs portal simply follow the procedures listed below. The application process is quite straightforward and quick.

KPK Job Application Procedure

  • Applications can be submitted at by interested parties.
  • The address provided must receive the application form, resume, attested documents, CNIC, and proof of residency.
  • The application deadline is May 24, 2024.
  • Applications that are not completed or submitted on time will not be accepted.
  • The only people called for interviews are those who have made the short list.
  • There won’t be any TA or DA during the selecting process.
  • When you go to the interview, you should bring the original documentation.

Detail Steps Guide to Apply for KPK Healthcare Commission Job

There are 2 ways to submit your applicatio. Firstly you can just visit KPK Healthcare Commission website and fill your form and Second one is you can submit your Application form along with detailed CV, Attested Copies of all relevant Documents, CNIC with Domicile.

1. STEP:

First you can Visit KPK Healthcare Commission site that is and Firstly you can see such type of interface whichh is given below:

KPK Healthcare Commission Jobs 2024


Another way to Submit you Application for KPK Healthcare Commission job is by submitting your application manually to given address along with your CV, CNIC and with Domicile.

Near North West General Hospital, Phase 5 Hayatabad, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Required Documents :

The Documents required to Apply for the jobs are listed as :

  • Owner or manager of Health Care Establishment (HCE) must register with KP HCC.
  • Application for a License is submitted with required documents and fees.
  • Provisional License issued by KP HCC, requiring Minimum Service Delivery Services (MSDS).
  • Post-implementation, pre-assessment/inspection conducted by KP HCC investigators to identify and resolve MSDS vulnerabilities.
  • Final Examination of HCE Eligibility for Regular Licensing is the final step, demonstrating desired level of MSDS compliance.

Contact Details

Benefits of KPK Healthcare Commission Jobs

The Following benefits that are being listed by the officials for their selected employees or workers at

Employee Benefits:

Quality Assurance:

  • Sets Minimum Service Delivery Standards (MSDS) for healthcare establishments.
  • Ensures patient and provider safety.

Eradication of Quackery:

  • Mandates the elimination of quackery and malpractices in healthcare.
  • Protects province’s right to quality healthcare.

Regulation of Healthcare Services:

  • Ensures sound and technical provision of services.
  • Mandatory licensing for all healthcare establishments.
  • Unlicensed establishments face fines up to Rs.500,000.

Legal Compliance:

Professional Recognition:

  • License enhances a healthcare establishment’s reputation.

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KPK Healthcare Commission Jobs 2024

How to Apply for kpk Jobs?

Applications for the position can be submitted at, requiring a form, resume, attested documents, CNIC, and residency proof.

What is the deadline of kpk Jobs?

The Last Date to Apply for the kpk Job in Pakistan Jobs will be 24th May 2024.

What are the benefits kpk Job?

The healthcare system ensures quality assurance, eliminates malpractices, regulates services, mandates licensing, and ensures legal compliance, ensuring the province’s right to quality healthcare.

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